7 Must Ask Questions



 Why should I spend my time and hard earned money at Pro Motion Physiotherapy?

Well, that is simple: ‘because we are the best and we’ll get you better faster than anyone else can’.  Even if this was true, our college won’t let us say this.  We do, however, pride ourselves on offering exceptional service and quality care which results in excellent outcomes for our patients.  Our therapists have many years of combined experience (35+ years), and continue to update their knowledge and skills through lectures, courses and home study.  We are motivated by our mission which states:

“It is our purpose to help our patients achieve their highest level of pain free performance.  We will do everything within our power and ability to get them back on their feet and feeling the best that they possibly can, in the least amount of time possible.”


 What do patients who have gone to Pro Motion Physiotherapy say?

It doesn’t mean much for us to blow our own horn, so we asked our patients what they thought of the care they received at our clinic.  Here are the responses of 35 people who completed our survey:

Overall satisfaction with their experience at Pro Motion:

74.3% Very satisfied

25.7% Satisfied

0% Unsatisfied

Those who would come back or recommend Pro Motion Physiotherapy to others: 100%

Rated skill of therapist:

Excellent 85.7% 

Good: 14.3%

Poor: 0%


 What kind of education and experience do the physiotherapists at Pro Motion Physiotherapy have?  Will they be able to get me better?

All registered physiotherapists in Canada are university graduates.  Continuing education is highly regarded in our clinic and we continue to work on our knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis.  Post graduate courses which our therapists have taken include, but are not limited to: manual therapy,acupuncture, IMS (dry needling), treatment of dizziness and concussions.  We have a very high satisfaction rating amoungst our patients which suggests that people, with a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, are getting better with the expertise our therapists possess.  Unfortunately there are conditions we simply cannot do anything for, and we are up front and honest if this is the case.



 How do I know when I need to see a physiotherapist—can’t I get better just on my own?

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, but often times a little nudge in the right direction by one of our professionals will help not only speed up the current process of healing, but help in preventing the problem from coming back.  In general we suggest pain that is not improving within 3-5 days be addressed by a professional.  A simple assessment by one of our physiotherapists can often determine the degree of the injury and give you some very helpful tips on how to stabilize a joint with lax or torn ligaments, exercise to rebuild strength from a torn muscle, re-establish poor proprioception/balance, reduce pain, and prevent recurrence.   You might just be surprised at what we can do for you!



 When should I see a Pro Motion Physiotherapist instead of a massage therapist or chiropractor?

This is a very good question and one that we address on a regular basis.  Despite the wide range of skills and services that we offer our patients such as soft tissue release, joint mobilization and manipulation, exercise advice, high power laser, decompression (traction) therapy, electro-therapy, orthotics, IMS,  and acupuncture, we recognize that we are not able to help with everyone’s problem.  We know working with other professionals, and referring our patients to get the help we are unable to provide, is one way we help ensure our patients are getting the very best care possible.



 Will my therapist know after the first visit how long it will take me to get better?

Every individual and condition is unique and it is sometimes hard to to predict exactly how long it will take for someone to get better.  We do know that soft tissue injuries typically heal within 4-6 weeks, however, there are multiple factors involved that make the ‘textbook numbers’ unreliable.   We also know that the older someone is, the longer it takes to heal.  As well, relief is not as rapid when we are dealing with a chronic injury (word to the wise: get treatment sooner than later).   This being said, most patients notice a difference in their pain within 4 treatment sessions.  If not, our therapists re-evaluate their treatment plan and re-assess to be sure that there are not any underlying conditions that may be prolonging the recovery process.  Sometimes a referral back to the doctor is recommended for further diagnostics (eg. x-ray or MRI) to help make a more definitive diagnosis.



 Will I have to keep coming to physio forever, on a sort of maintenance plan?

We hope that your experience at our clinic is a very positive one and that you will recommend your family and friends to come for treatment and return for treatment yourself if you ever hurt yourself in the future.  However, our goal with treatment is to help you resolve your current complaint and teach you ways to help prevent the problem from coming back.  This may be in the form of specific exercises or education on how to sit or lift or move.  We get the most satisfaction out of helping a patient get better to the extent that we never have to deal with the same issue again.